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Rubber Matting

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FINE AND FLAT GROOVED MATTINGRubber Matting is available in various styles to suit

many different requirements. Our black fine-fluted matting

Fine and Flat Grooved Matting.


provides an in-expensive covering suitable for many

applications and is easily cut using standard tooling to fit

specific shapes. As a general non-slip covering it can be

easily shaped to fit vehicles, ladder treads or continuous

lengths – even for Darts mats!

Flat, or wide grooved matting is also available, however this

tends to give a slightly less slip-proof surface and is often

only used for cosmetic appearances.

Both profiles are available in 1 mt x 10mt and 1.2mt x 10mt rolls (special sizes can be made to

order) and are supplied with a specially roughened reverse surface to ensure the very best

adhesion when being stuck down. Thicknesses of 3mm, 4,5mm and 6mm are standard

however it is possible to manufacture much thicker than this if required.

Normally made in a Natural / Styrene Butadiene Rubber mix, these profiles are also available

in Neoprene when resistance to certain oils and chemicals is required.

ELECTRICAL SWITCHBOARD MATTINGUsed as a protective insulating matting, Switchboard

Matting is available in both British Standard and European

Standard approved


The British Standard BS.921 material at 9,5mm (3/8″) thick

is fully tested at 15000 volts and is available in 915mm wide

or 1200mm wide rolls (either 5mt, 10mt or 11 mt lengths).

This material is recommended for all work areas adjacent to

electrical insulations and is

normally requested as a

standard safety feature in these environments.

Produced from the same quality rubber, and tested to 11000 volts (using the BS.921 test

requirements) a thinner gauge is also manufactured at 6mm, where lower working voltages

are present and a less expensive material is suitable.

Both of the above Electrical Quality mattings are supplied tested, with documentation where

required, with the standard triangular, or fine-flute profile, giving a highly resilient covering

which can be used with switchgear installations, telephone exchanges, around generating

plant or on factory work-stations to provide the necessary safety protection for all personnel.

Along with the British Standard matting we can also provide the European Approved

Electrical Insulation Matting to VDE,0303. This is available in two thicknesses and is colour

coded to provide easy recognition. At 3mm thick the material is coloured Grey and is tested

to 20000 volts, while at 4.5mm thick the material is tested to 50000 volts.

The ratings quoted on all of the Electrical Switchboard Mattings are breakdown voltages and

the actual working voltage should always be checked when selecting which matting should

be used.

Electrical Switchboard Matting.



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