Rubber Extrusions & Fenders

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Rubber Extrusions & Fenders

Rubber Extrusions & Fenders
RUBBER SECTIONSWe can offer almost and size or shape of precision
extruded profile – from the smallest to the largest. We
can offer some standard sections but extrusion dies can
be made to order.In addition we can fabricate components with extruded
sections, a more economical method of manufacture
than moulding for short run work.

Customers specific requirements can be produced
from drawings or samples. Dies for these particular
sections can be produced very economically.

Sections are usually supplied in specific lengths, coils,
cut lengths, straight cure or former cured lengths. Short
and long production runs are possible and the following
compounds are also available.

� NR – Natural
� EPDM – Ethylene Propylene
� CR – Neoprene
� NBR – Nitrile
� Silicone
� Polyurethane
� Viton
� Hypalon
� Expanded Materials
� Flexible and Semi-Rigid PVC

Rubber Sections.
Fender Sections.


Extruded Rubber Fender is manufactured using a
synthetic rubber compound which is resistant to ageing,
ozane and ultra-violet light. Rubber fenders are highly
suitable for fitting to marine berths and will provide
certain protection to all sizes and types of marine craft.
Other areas of use include;

� Commercial vehicles
� Car Parks
� Loading Bays
� Material Storage and Handling Equipment
� Leisure Parks

Sizes up to 60mm base available in lengths of 15 metres,
sizes over this normally supplied in 3.05 metre
lengths. Shorter cut lengths can also be supplied
pre-drilled to facilitate fixing.

POLYETHYLENE extruded wear strip can also be
supplied. Ask for separate leaflet.

The above represents most of the standard
profiles available. Technical information giving sizes,
weight and fitting instructions available on request. We
can also offer facilities for the production of any special

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