Layflat Discharge Hose

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Layflat Discharge Hose

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General Description

Blue layflat hose is mode from high quality PVC and synthetic

fibres in one continuous production method and is a market leader

worldwide. It is a general purpose hose and is especially suitable

for drainage of locations with relatively small differences in

elevation; for temporary water supply; for sprinkler irrigation, or

due to its resistance to most chemicals, for spreading liquid

fertilisers and agricultural chemicals.

Yellow medium duty layflat, medium pressure, flat hose made of

plasticised PVC and reinforced with polyester yarns. For

conveyance of water, other liquids or fertilisers. Also suitable for

irrigation systems, sprinklers and water supply.

Brown heavy duty hose is a tough, abrasion-resistant hose with

higher working pressures and is well suited for water drainage at

open mining and dam construction sites where water (or slurry)

must be moved to higher or lower elevations.

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