Braided PVC Tubing

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Braided PVC Tubing

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Reinforced PVC Braided Hose.

Brake, Fuel, Transmission and Vacuum lines manufactured in Rubber, PTFE, Stainless Steel, Copper and Bundy tubing from 1/8" to 1" diameter, to OEM specification or custom for Cars and Trucks complete with fittings. Get an exact match for your vehicle.
Fuel Transfer Pumps

12v/24v Fuel transfer pump for moving fuel away from mains power using the battery terminals from your vehicle.


• Water supply and draining.

• Transfer of various fluids and powder.

• Supplying water, gas, oil etc in agriculture and industry.

• Other special purpose.


• Excellent abrasion resistance.

• Flexibility good.

• High resistance to alkalis/acids.

• Silicone free.

• Cadmium free.

• Low toxicity.

• Transparency excellent.

• Manufactured to comply with BS6066 & ISO 5774.

• The hose has been tested and complies with US FDA Standards (Food Grade).

• Durable, anti-cold proof, non-inflated.

• High-flexibility, lightweight and easy to handle.

• No fissure phenomenon by ultraviolet rays and direct rays of sun.

• Little expansion or contraction.

Manufactured from top quality crystal clear "virgin" PVC compound. This hose is ideal for factory airlines, fluid systems and many industrial applications. Reinforced with high tensile quality polyester yarn, this hose offers high working pressure and extreme flexibility.

The hose is resistant to a wide range of chemicals (please consult our sales office for further details).

Temperature Range: -20°C to + 65°C

Other Lengths available.

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